How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

by | Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways you can make money online today. However, if you want to find a way that is genuine and pays you for the long term then options are limited. 1000 websites available that promise to pay you to do some work for that. The Payeewe one of them to earn money online. Before going into deep of earning money we should know about Payeeweb and you will learn How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

What is Payeeweb?

Payeeweb is an online digital store. Payeeweb sells digital products like web hosting, Email marketing services, Plugins Themes, and software at very low Indian prices. You can purchase online marketing training videos, courses at a low cost. Some free software and training videos are also available to download for our members. When you register to Payeeweb for free, You are eligible to earn money online. Payeeweb offers an opportunity to pay you to promote their products and learn How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

How does it work?

How Payeeweb works are quite simple. There are two entities any user can buy it and use it and sell it and earn it. Any promoters are small or big companies that want to sell or spread awareness about their products. They also want to build a brand name for their company or new start-up. On the other hand, any user can promote these products through their affiliate link. Get paid when the sale is completed and learn how to Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

Step-1: Register   Step-2: Collect affiliate link  Step-3: Promote

How much You will get paid?

1.Get Paid Per Click: ₹0.10

If you share your link online and your link clicked by someone, you will get paid ₹0.10 per click. If you click 10 times from the same device, then your click will become invalid and you will not get paid. So be sure to share with others and get clicked.

2. Get Paid Per Signup: ₹5.00

If you share your link with others online and anyone signup with your like, you will earn ₹5.00 per signup. There is no limit to share. you are free to share all over the internet and social media.

3. Get paid Per Sale: Up To 54%

If someone purchases any products from our shop you will get paid up to 54%. It depends on your rank.

4. Get Cashback On Your Purchase: 10%

If you order any products from Payeeweb Shop, You will get 10% cashback on every purchase.

5. Get Paid From Your Team Activity: Up To 54%

Suppose if you have referred 10 affiliates, You get paid for all affiliate activity. Suppose 10 affiliates got 10 clicks each so 10 x 10 = 100 clicks, So you will get paid for 100 clicks. The earning amount calculated according to your rank. The same way you can for signup and sales also.




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