How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

There are many ways you can make money online today. However, if you want to find a way that is genuine and pays you for the long term then options are limited. 1000 websites available that promise to pay you to do some work for that. The Payeewe one of them to earn money online. Before going into deep of earning money we should know about Payeeweb and you will learn How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

What is Payeeweb?

Payeeweb is an online digital store. Payeeweb sells digital products like web hosting, Email marketing services, Plugins Themes, and software at very low Indian prices. You can purchase online marketing training videos, courses at a low cost. Some free software and training videos are also available to download for our members. When you register to Payeeweb for free, You are eligible to earn money online. Payeeweb offers an opportunity to pay you to promote their products and learn How To Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

How does it work?

How Payeeweb works are quite simple. There are two entities any user can buy it and use it and sell it and earn it. Any promoters are small or big companies that want to sell or spread awareness about their products. They also want to build a brand name for their company or new start-up. On the other hand, any user can promote these products through their affiliate link. Get paid when the sale is completed and learn how to Make Money Online From Payeeweb?

Step-1: Register   Step-2: Collect affiliate link  Step-3: Promote

How much You will get paid?

1.Get Paid Per Click: ₹0.10

If you share your link online and your link clicked by someone, you will get paid ₹0.10 per click. If you click 10 times from the same device, then your click will become invalid and you will not get paid. So be sure to share with others and get clicked.

2. Get Paid Per Signup: ₹5.00

If you share your link with others online and anyone signup with your like, you will earn ₹5.00 per signup. There is no limit to share. you are free to share all over the internet and social media.

3. Get paid Per Sale: Up To 54%

If someone purchases any products from our shop you will get paid up to 54%. It depends on your rank.

4. Get Cashback On Your Purchase: 10%

If you order any products from Payeeweb Shop, You will get 10% cashback on every purchase.

5. Get Paid From Your Team Activity: Up To 54%

Suppose if you have referred 10 affiliates, You get paid for all affiliate activity. Suppose 10 affiliates got 10 clicks each so 10 x 10 = 100 clicks, So you will get paid for 100 clicks. The earning amount calculated according to your rank. The same way you can for signup and sales also.




How to make money online from home

How to make money online from home

Hi guys, Do you want to learn how to make money online from home as an affiliate. know-how are our affiliates earning ₹100 to ₹300 per day? Payeeweb online digital store offering opportunity to earn money online. This ₹100 to ₹300 is not a big amount guys but it’s growing. Still, we have not launched it. We have been testing. Now out testing is completed. Everything is working fine. This is a lifetime income opportunity system. It is based on a matrix plan. Affiliate + Multilevel Marketing = Passive income. So when you join you become an affiliate, after that when you refer 2, you become a Payeeweb partner.

make money online

make money online

How its work?

Register for free. find out your affiliate link in the dashboard under the marketing tab, and start sharing it to get 2 referrals at least to get paid. Or create free products affiliate link a share it with your friends and family who really need that product. 1. Get paid for the click. 2. Get paid for your team click 3. Get paid for signup and 4. Get paid for signed by your team 5. get paid for impressions 6. Get paid on your team impression 7. Get paid for the sale 5. Get paid commission on your team sales. The commission is fixed up from 5% to 54% from 16 levels plus 10% cashback on every purchase. Get paid in your wallet or bank account. Check affiliate earning plan HERE

There are 4 ranks. 1. Basic     2. Silver     3. Gold     4. Platinum

When you register for free you become an affiliate and your rank assigned basic. When you and your team make a sale you and your team get paid. When you reach assigned sales you become a silver than gold and platinum. Our Products. I. Web hosting reseller services. II. Web hosting service. III. Email Marketing services. IV. Website Plugin and themes. V. Software and services. VI. Digital Marketing Courses will be added soon for free. VII. Some more products will be added every month. 1. Become a web hosting reseller and earn 1000’s rupees per day. Sell it at your own price and keep all your money with you. It will be another income, It is nothing to do with Payeeweb. It is very simple to do it. I will train you on how to do it. 2. Host your website and the lowest price. 3. Sell email marketing services and earn recurring payments every month. 4. Download plugin and themes to design a website. 5. Selling Software and services is very easy. It delivers automatically. All the work has been done for you. Everything is automated. So you do have to worry about anything. We will teach you how to make money online from home.

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What is payeeweb affiliate marketing & how does it works?

What is payeeweb affiliate marketing & how does it works?

What is the affiliate?

An affiliate is a man like the middle man between the product creator and the customer. It is a partnership between creator and product promoter through affiliate links. The affiliate gets profits for every sale done through his affiliate link. For example, suppose Mr. Rama Krishna is a product creator and Mr. Prabhu is an affiliate.  Mr. Rama Krishna gave authority to sell their products to Mr. Probhu. Mr. Rama Krishna has fixed some % of the amount given to him per sale.  If Mr. Prabhu sold products to their customer he gets paid.  Please see in below picture so you can understand better.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling any products through an affiliate link.  The sold products can be tracked by their affiliate link. The affiliate link is also known as the referral link.

What is Payeeweb Affiliate Marketing?

Payeeweb affiliate marketing is like amazon affiliate marketing place or Flipkart affiliate marketplace. To become a Payeeweb affiliate you have to register for free.  After completing the registration you become affiliates. Now you have full right to sell Payeeweb products and earn profits.

There are 4 ranks to earn more profits..When you join your rank assigns a Basic.

I. Basic            II. Silver                 III. Gold                IV. Platinum. 

Your ranks depend on your selling performance. If your selling performance increases then your earning profits will also increase. It is the beauty of Payeeweb affiliates marketer. Sell it once and get profits again and again. The Payeeweb affiliate is very happy to promote these products and services because they generate handsome money per month without doing some extra work.

Payeeweb goal

Payeeweb goal

The profits start on the first day. When signup as an affiliate he got the sign-up bonus. When he refers to someone he got a referral bonus. If anyone purchases the products, he gets 10% cashback. The team profits start at 9% and go up to 54%.. Our sell process is very easy. Get paid as soon as you reach 1000 rupees. Is so simple.