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Products & Services

Web hosting

  • Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Web Hosting for Small website.
  • Web Hosting For medium website.
  • Web Hosting for WordPress Website
  • Web Hosting for eCommerce website.
  • Web Hosting for heavy traffic site.

Pro Plugin & Theme

  • Pro Plugin for WordPress website.
  • Pro themes for WordPress website.
  • All plugins & themes with GPL License. 
  • All most all category.

Email Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing app.
  • Easily grow your lists.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Optimize your audience engagement.
  • Autoresponders.
  • High-converting web forms.
  • Unique delivery tools.

Use full Audio video & pics.

  • Lots of audio-video are available for free downloads.
  • These audio videos are very useful for video makers.
  • There all are with license.
  • High-quality pics for website and videos.

How it works?




Register and get affiliate link

Register and get your affiliate link. After completing registration, log in to the member’s area and you will find your affiliate link under the marketing tab. 

Share and promote affiliate link

Share your affiliate link with your friends and family, WhatsApp group, to your email list, and all over the internet. 

Earn when they purchase

This is the time to collect your money in your wallet or bank account. You can withdraw any amount above ₹20.00!

How much can i earn?

There’s no limit, As much you want as much you can earn. There is no limit to refer a number of people but you must refer at least 2. That means truly unlimited earnings! You earn on every single payment made by your referred customer. Earn up to 54% commission from 16 levels. 

Question & Answer

1. Why should I join Payeeweb?

If you want to earn passive income then this could be the best option for you.

2. Who can join Payeeweb?

If you are a digital marketer or YouTuber or multilevel marketer or a student or want to earn money online or a housewife or a retired person then this could be for you.

3.. How to join Payeeweb?

Find the “Register Now” link anywhere on this page and simply click on it and follow the screen.

4. What should I have to do it after registration?

You have to log in to your dashboard and find the affiliate link under the marketing tab. Share your affiliate link with your friends and family who is willing to earn money from home.

5. How can i earn money from Payeeweb?

Order any products and services you want to use instead of buying from another place you can buy from here.

6. How much can I earn?

There is no limit.

7. How much minimum withdrawal?

You can withdraw any amount above ₹20.00.

8. How I will get paid?

Get paid in your wallet or bank account. You can add payout-out details under the payments tab in your dashboard.  

9. Do I have to request for withdrawal?

No, No need. But if you want urgently then you can request at with the subject line “Payment Request”

10. After request for withdrawal, How log I have to wait to get paid?

You will get paid immediately or sometimes it may take up to 12 hours maximum.

11. How many Affiliate Ranks are there?

There are 4 ranks. 1. basic 2. Silver 3. Gold 4. Platinum

12. What is the use of rank?

If your rank is higher you can earn more money, If your rank is lower then your income will be low.

13. Why I need to achieve Rank?

To earn more money. 

14. How to achieve Rank?

If you order any products and services from our shop, Your rank will go up automatically. For more details, you can check our business plan in your dashboard. 

15. What will happen if I will not achieve any rank?

We will check your activity for the last 3 months. If there is no activity from your side, then your account will be deleted if you are on basic rank. The earning amount will be forfeited.

16. What will happen if my down line achieve higher rank than me?

Nothing will happen. Your rank will be there only. Your earning will be as your rank and according to the business plan.

17. When I open this app in my mobile, why its look ugly sometime?

Because you have opened in mobile version. Go below to this page and there is an option to exit the mobile version. Just hit the button to exit the mobile version. Now it will look better.

18. How many levels are there?

The income level source is up to 16 levels.

19. How much can I earn from each level?

It is mention in the plan in the dashboard. 

20. How can I order any products or services?

Go to our shop and select any products or services which you want to order. Click that product and add to cart and follow the screen.

Top Affiliates are breaking records everyday!

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